Hello 👋 ! My name is Abby Turner.

I'm currently a senior at the Savannah College of Art and Design, majoring in User Experience Design with a minor in Graphic Design.

Simply put, I have a passion for making things user friendly and creating memorable designs. Though I specialize in UX design, I'm well rounded in graphic design, illustration, photography, and numerous other mediums.

I strive to never stop learning. In a journey to continually broaden my skills as a visual designer, I have started to explore front-end web development- beginning with coding this website myself! So check back in for updated progress on my site as I continue learning to trick this thing out.

From a young age, a love for the arts has always stood at the core of who I am. Catch me in a rare moment of not working on a project, and I'm probably playing an instrument, singing, or playing with a dog.

Software Skills

Procreate 100%
Figma 90%
Arduino 70%
Rhino 60%
Keyshot 60%
HTML/CSS/Javascript 40%
Illustrator 90%
Photoshop 90%
Indesign 90%
After Effects 75%
Lightroom 75%
Dreamweaver 50%






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